It’s that time again….

This summer I spent more time playing outdoors and less time blogging indoors. Well, I did do other stuff indoors, like work, and I have a few other projects going on, but I didn’t get to include as many stories of fishing & biking as I have in the past. Today I packed up my [...]

The Butcher’s Silver Skin – Part 3

With the bleeding finally controlled and an adequate view of the gory injury, I took a few deep breaths and finally stood up straight. I stretched my shoulders back with hands still held in front of me, between head & waist, in sterile fashion. My collar bones cracked on each side. For the first time [...]

Silver Skin: Part 2

I put on the face shield and plastic gown that I had set aside earlier. The paramedics all gathered round me as I gently unwound the bright red, blood-soaked dressing on his forearm. I had a wad of 4×4 gauze pads in my left hand as I slowly peeled away the last layer covering the [...]

The Butcher’s Silver Skin

On days like this, my job is awesome…but it can stink if you are the patient. The radio call was for an injury that was “down to bone”, created by broken glass. “…bleeding won’t stop…” said the dispatcher. Sirens blare and quickly vanish as the ambulances race away from the hospital to the scene. Twenty [...]

I’d like to thank all the people…

I’ve been nominated for an award by Rocky Mountain Medic, one of my favorite literary bloggers. I have a special place in my heart for EMS blogs by nature of my specialty, emergency medicine. Here is what he has to say about my blog: A doc with his ear to the gorund. Great stories. I [...]

New Blog Determination!

I admit that I’ve been feeling a little blah about this blog lately. Burned out in the ER less than 3 years out of residency. I still enjoy medicine, but hate all the politics and policy. So I’ve decided I need to return to the roots of this blog. When Mr. Hassle First opened it’s [...]