Mommy You’ve Got to Stay

She came in with her mother and her son. Crying a bit, because of the embarassment, she was also raging mad. At him. “I hope they’ve got him in jail by now,” she muttered from underneath the ice pack held against her head. As I entered the room, she smiled at me. A tired, half-crooked [...]

Should I stay or should i go now…

Schizophrenic lady comes to the ER needing a change of scenery. Tries her best to get admitted to Hotel Urban Memorial, but instead gets dragged back to her group home by her case worker. Fast forward 8 hours and she’s back again, called 911 from a convenience store on the corner near her group home. [...]

Connect Four

Four sequential codes in the ER today. Four. One, two, three, four. Two of them were mine. One arrived dead, but was coded just the same…young adult, overdose. At least it wasn’t intentional, said a nurse. Hmm. I think drug abuse is intentional. Sorry, no sympathy, I’ve got other dying patients to see that actually [...]

Rigor Mortis – Undeniable?

The child was dead. I heard it over the radio first. “Not breathing,” said the dispatcher. “The ambulance is on it’s way to the house. The baby is 1 year old.” Crap. “That child is dead,” was my first thought, even though I heard the information second hand. I grabbed my airway card (one of [...]

If you’re on Coumadin, Don’t Drink and Drive

Warning:  Morbid Post Ahead. The twisted car had trapped him in the drivers seat, steering wheel crushing his chest.  Firefighers and medics worked in full turn-out gear for 45 minutes trying to get him out.  Placing him on a backboard as is standard care, the man was gratefully thanking them, nearly crying in happiness that [...]

You’re in Steeler Country

Mostly Working

Blogger to WordPress Move.  Check. Transfer images.  Check. Transfer haloscan comments…working Transfer Blogroll…In progress.  Finally I can sort my blogroll by category, and now that I”ve done so, I see that i am sorely missing more biking blogs!  I had a low threshold to not update blogs that were dead, except in cases where the [...]

How to ruin a perfectly good Saturday

Sleep in till 9AM Ride your new singlespeed build to the neighborhood cafe Meet your friends for breakfast Drive to the Bike shop to get new cyclocross bike fitted Hang out with the shop boys while they fuss over you and adjust your bike Answer your cell phone and have the following conversation: You: Hello? [...]

It’s Blogger to WordPress Moving Day

Today is the day I move my blog from Blogger to WordPress. I’ve tested and retested the conversion process, and everything will work smoothly and is totally (sort of) automated. The haloscan comments will require some tedious manual entry of Blogger Post IDs, but once that is done, the comments should import as well. For [...]

Grand Rounds 3.52

Grand Rounds is up at Six Until Me. Six’s Blog (real name is Kerri Morrone) has been around for awhile, but I just discovered it while browsing the Grand Rounds archives. Check out the post on how the blog got it’s name, it will bring a few tears to your eyes. Enjoy the virtual shopping [...]