Mostly Working

Blogger to WordPress Move.  Check.

Transfer images.  Check.

Transfer haloscan comments…working

Transfer Blogroll…In progress.  Finally I can sort my blogroll by category, and now that I”ve done so, I see that i am sorely missing more biking blogs!  I had a low threshold to not update blogs that were dead, except in cases where the old blog was just fascinating, as in Autopsy Report.

Havn’t decided for sure on the template, but for now this will do.

If I’ve left you off the blogroll (inadvertanty), or told you I’d add you and you’re not there, please leave me a comment below and I’ll get you right on it…now that I’ve got full 100% control of my blog with my software (local copy of wordpress) on my server!

How to ruin a perfectly good Saturday

  1. Sleep in till 9AM
  2. Ride your new singlespeed build to the neighborhood cafe
  3. Meet your friends for breakfast
  4. Drive to the Bike shop to get new cyclocross bike fitted
  5. Hang out with the shop boys while they fuss over you and adjust your bike
  6. Answer your cell phone and have the following conversation:

You: Hello?
Them: Doc Shazam, where are you?
You: I’m at a bike shop, buying a bike
Them: You’re supposed to be at the hospital.
You: No I’m not.


Them: Your name is on the schedule
You: No it’s not.
Them: Yes. It is.
You: *&%$ &()*&^ %$ ^&%$# & &&^$ ### ### #

It’s Blogger to WordPress Moving Day

Today is the day I move my blog from Blogger to WordPress. I’ve tested and retested the conversion process, and everything will work smoothly and is totally (sort of) automated.

The haloscan comments will require some tedious manual entry of Blogger Post IDs, but once that is done, the comments should import as well.

For the next few weeeks, you may not see old comments, but don’t worry, they will get imported in short order. In the meantime, you should see a fairly seamless transition. I need to workout some bugs with the archive permalinks, I think I’ll have to create a “redirect” rule in my .htaccess file. If anyone can help me with that, let me know.

I’ll post a step by step update of the process, along with reasons to switch from blogger in the next week or so.

By tonight, expect a new look! Not too dramatic at first, I just want to get it all backed up and keep the permalinks working. Wish me luck