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The Learning Curve of Cardiac Life Support

There is a post in my archives in wich I ran my first code as a resident without any outside assistance from the attending.  It was nerve-racking, and I’m sure I was up all night afterwards.  I remember those days of the steep learning curve with a little bit of reverence for who I was [...]

Wash Your Feet Every Day

Every once in awhile I realize that Urban Blight Memorial is in a totally different world, and the patients there live a totally different life, despite being less than 10 miles from the downtown of a five time superbowl championship team, and less than 10 miles from where I grew up. Yesterday’s fastest patient exam [...]

The ER Gift Card

Here’s a great viewpoint on the high costs of ER care and what ends up being a “class structure” for healthcare.  Let me know what you think.  If you like the article, give it a Digg. http://www.la2day.com/talk/the_e_r_gift_card_the_perfect_stocking_stuffer Powered by ScribeFire.

Things overheard in a coffee shop

An otherwise not-worldly-wise looking woman, sitting at a table right in front of me.  She’s talking about living in Berkley, then moving ‘back east’.  She first mentions a women’s clinic.  Then she mentions a methodone clinic.  Then the people she met while working on a needle exchange program. Here’s the kicker…she’s working on a “Narcan [...]