My Cat has Asthma!

I arrived home from work around midnight to two hungry cats pacing in circles for their dinner.  After giving them each a scoop of food and fixing myself some trader joe’s pancakes for my own dinner, i settled down with a glass of red wine and TLC’s Trading Spaces to help unwind from the day.  [...]

Creative Expansion

In the field of earth sciences, the phenomenon of “rebound” of the tundra and arctic crusts is well known.  As overlying glaciers, surface ice & snow and tundra melt away, the weight of the water in its various phases is removed.  The underlying soil & earth undergoes what is called “rebound”.  The elevation of the [...]

Shazam on Vacation

Hello from sunny, shiney California.  Since ER docs work in shifts, and typically are contracted for # of hours or # of shifts in a month, it’s not unusual to end up with a block of days off, just as we end up with a block of days working.  When I spotted 7 days off [...]

Set your NZ Flag at half-mast: Sir Edmund Hillary has passed

Such a sad day for mountaineering… Sir Edmund Hillary has passed away at the age of 88 from a heart attack. If any of my readers is from New Zealand and can send me a copy of this weekend’s Weekend Herald with the 8 page special report, I’d gladly paypal you to cover the cost [...]

Apparently I’m a democrat

I just wish John Edwards wasn’t so close to the top… 72% Bill Richardson64% Mitt Romney63% John Edwards62% Hillary Clinton62% Barack Obama60% Tom Tancredo58% John McCain57% Chris Dodd54% Fred Thompson52% Joe Biden50% Mike Huckabee46% Rudy Giuliani44% Mike Gravel44% Ron Paul39% Dennis Kucinich2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz