Terrible Towels at Half Mast: Myron Cope Dies today

This saddens me to an unbelievable degree. Unless you grew up in Pittsburgh listening to his classic voice and announcing style, and have been waving terrible towels since Pittsburgh’s dynasty decade of the 70s, you probably think of him as not much more than a wierd Pittsburgh icon. But he was much more than that: [...]

Doc Shazam buying a home?

Could it be that finally after 4 decades, Doc Shazam is buying a house? Timeline: 2/26/8: Look at a house with a friend/real estate agent.  Say to self, “I could live here.”  Time: 30 minutes  2/27/8: Call mortgage broker whose business card I got when I overheard him in a coffee shop talking to clients.  [...]

“The Fonz” testifies regarding John Ritter’s death

So this really seems like an unnecessary witness providing niether fuel nor water for either side of the case. Henry Winkler recently took the stand to testify in John Ritter’s death. Newspaper reports simply say that they talked about their upcoming lines and the days filming and that was it. Later in his testimonly, Winkler [...]

Spontaneous Pneumothorax – Just like House did it

Today, my favorite x-ray tech emerged with a chart from a patient whom he took from the waiting room to do a chest x-ray.  Waiting times in our ER today were 3-5 hours long, so a little bit of time is saved by taking patients straight from the waiting room to the x-ray area. So [...]

Bush is simply an idiot

I guess it’s more important to kill 1,000,000 innocent civilians in Iraq for a threat that never existed than it is to be certain that healthcare services are available for your family members when they are ill: Bush’s proposed Medicare budget would cut $15 billion over five years through a reduction of annual updates for [...]