He Should Have Been Dead

This gentleman was really, really nice, but he should have been dead before he even got to our hospital.  I wouldn’t be surprised if this was close to a reportable case due to the size of it. He’d had multiple kidney stones in the past and came in complaining of a “Kidney Stone”.  Classic pain, [...]

Nine Minutes in the Afternoon

This guy was real whiny, complaining, “My chest hurts, my chest hurts.”  My very first thought was, “what a wimp”.  He was thirty four years old and appeared relatively healthy.  What could possibly be causing a 34 year old man so much pain that he was squirming in bed?  He wouldn’t look me in the [...]

John Ritter’s Doctors cleared of Malpractice Charges

It’s a shame that these doctors had to go through so much grief and stress when in their hearts they (and all of their fellow colleagues) knew that they did what was right and what was best and the patient died anyway. The treating physicians were cleared of malpractice by the jury in Glendale Superior [...]

The Inspection

So here’s the house update… Last week I met with my real estate agent in his office to craft an offer for the house.  I’ve never bought a house before (or made an offer), so this took several hours, and I was very, very tired, having worked the night shift 3 days in a row [...]