John Ritter’s Doctors cleared of Malpractice Charges

It’s a shame that these doctors had to go through so much grief and stress when in their hearts they (and all of their fellow colleagues) knew that they did what was right and what was best and the patient died anyway.

The treating physicians were cleared of malpractice by the jury in Glendale Superior Court.

Five years of misery for them…I’m sure it adversely affected their physical and mental health, their relationships with their friends and family and their ability to practice medicine with confidence and giving their patients the best medical treatment possible.

I know that John Ritter’s family will never have their husband and father back again…but retaliation and blame is not an appropriate way to deal with greif.

Ironic that after a juried trial the doctors were cleared, and yet the hospital settled out of court for $14 million dollars.

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  1. March 15, 2008 at 5:04 pm

    I understand that sooner or later everyone gets sued. What I don’t understand is how one is supposed to continue practicing just like normal during the multiple years it takes to get to closure. I think it would be awfully difficult to not end up questioning every decision constantly.

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