Lola the Leaking Basset Hound

Rather than write my own version of the night, I’ll just post this group poem that was written the next day. Once upon a midnight dreary There I pondered, weak and weary About a hound named Lola Covered with bumps of curious lore. When all at once I heard a knockin’ Lee-Ann cried, “Shazam! This [...]

A funny thing happened while I was googling “patcher1048″

My laptop is crazy slow, so I began cleaning up the harddrive…uninstalled programs I no longer use, running CCleaner, etc. Some of the files that were deleted had the directory string “C:\Temp\Patcher\Patcher1048\PBSLocalizedStrings\PBSLocalization\es_ES\PBS.zdct 5.88KB” There were hundreds of these…what the heck are they? So I googled “patcher”, and got millions of hits. Then I googled “patcher1048″ [...]

Is My Mother in Imminent Danger?

I was trying to quickly wrap up my patients for the afternoon, since I had someplace to be at 6pm (a bike race to be specific), when  the nurse taking care of the woman in room F told me that her son had some questions for me. I sighed.  I always want patients and family [...]

Demented Man Fights Off Ex-Boxer in Midnight “Attack”

This poor old man with dementia was in a fist fight with another resident.  So the staff tried to commit him to the psychiatric hospital. I got the same basic story from both the patient and the staff.  Apparently, another resident went into his room, and the patient was afraid that he was being attacked, [...]

Extensor Tendon Repair in Honduras- Part 3

We created the best sterile field that we could and numbed up the laceration with as much lidocaine with epi as was safe to administer.  We had run the hand under running water to disrupt the clot, and then irrigated with sterile saline. The distal tendons popped into view easily by simply extending all of [...]