One reason I won’t vote for McCain

Is his healthcare advisor’s attitude toward’s Emergency Departments:  In the Los Angeles Times‘s (8/28) Booster Shots Blog, Shari Roan wrote that this week, “John McCain campaign advisor” John Goodman “said, in effect, that as long as there are emergency [departments], no one in America is really uninsured.” And… Op-ed columnist Paul Krugman writes in the [...]

The Tale of the Drunken Cowboy – Part 1 of a Tale in 3 Parts

The drunken cowboy paced in and out of his room, looking for something.  Looking to make sure no one was watching.  Holding his left arm at his side with his forearm across his chest, he paced out into the hallway once more.  Looking left then right, he turned towards the exit and began walking.  Even [...]

If You’re Not a Cowboy…

I see a lot of Horse injuries up here in the rocky mountains.  Mostly tourist stables and stuff, but when there are horse shows in town, we seem to get a lot of hunter-jumper injuries…girls getting thrown headfirst from their horse. Which is wierd, because during the rodeo, when guys are deliberately riding horses & [...]