If You’re Not a Cowboy…

I see a lot of Horse injuries up here in the rocky mountains.  Mostly tourist stables and stuff, but when there are horse shows in town, we seem to get a lot of hunter-jumper injuries…girls getting thrown headfirst from their horse.

Which is wierd, because during the rodeo, when guys are deliberately riding horses & bulls getting thrown off, we never see them in the ER.  Those cowboys are tough and refuse to go to the hospital, even if they can’t breath or walk.

So my new motto is, “If you’re not a Cowboy, don’t get on a horse.”

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  1. funder
    August 9, 2008 at 1:43 pm

    Heh. Well, as a cynic and a cowgirl, I suspect the rodeo riders don’t go to the hospital very often because they have no money and no insurance. The H/J girls, on the other hand, probably still have parents who cover their insurance.

    In general, though, I do agree with your new motto. 🙂

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