Daylight Savings Time Causes More Heart Attacks

Yes, I thought that the study headline seemed odd as well…after all how would a man-made construct…the clock…lead to more heart attack deaths? In a widely report on study from the New England Journal of Medicine, heart attack deaths and hospitalizations dropped 5 % the day after clocks “fell back”, ending daylight savings time. Could [...]

Uninsureds Don’t Tell the Whole Story – and a little rant…

In this New York Times report of  a recent study, the uninsured did not take up a disproportional amount of volume in the ER for minor complaints.  Uninsured people DO tend to be more informed users of hospital resources because they know that they will get a bill in the mail and have to pay [...]

Another #1 Google Ranking for “How to Fake Wheeze”

I love it!  My post on How to Fake Wheezing and Stay out of Jail is ranked #1 for the google search phrase ‘how to fake wheeze’! Satisfaction indeed.

The Hallway is the New Place to Be

When I saw this headline on CNN I was afraid they were going to get the story all wrong.  But this reporter did a good job of explaining at least part of the situation: Hospitals put Patients in Hallways My favorite quote from the article, with which I agree 100% “I wish the $700 billion [...]

Can I base my voting off of this poll?

77% Bill Richardson74% Chris Dodd72% Hillary Clinton71% Barack Obama68% John Edwards59% Joe Biden54% John McCain53% Dennis Kucinich53% Mike Gravel49% Mitt Romney44% Rudy Giuliani42% Mike Huckabee42% Tom Tancredo38% Fred Thompson37% Ron Paul2008 Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz Apparently, I’m STILL a democrat. Take the Presidential Candidate Matching Quiz Here.

Guess we know which way I’ll vote…

I’m ranked number 8 on Google for a search on “don’t vote for McCain reason“.

Either it’s Broken or it’s Not Broken

To be filed under sports injuries: After a 5 turnover, 41-7 loss against the New ENgland Patriots, Mike Shanahan, head coach of the Denver Bronco’s responds to a reporters question about whether Jay Cutler’s injured finger would need an MRI this week: I don’t think fingers need MRIs, either it’s broken or it’s not broken. [...]

Four Things…

I got tagged by Kim from RN for Life in my comments the other day, and have been ruminating on my answers. Here goes…don’t be shocked. [ed note: OK, this post was drafted 2 years ago, I just decided to publish it after finally thinking of four movies & places] 4 Jobs I Have Had [...]

John Ritter’s Widow Inspired

Somehow John Ritter’s Widow’s remarks following the not-guilty verdict of two physcians angers me to no end.  ”I disagree with the jury’s decision but I believe in the system and I respect it,” said the widow, Amy Yasbeck. “It inspires me even more to find, with these brilliant medical minds, a path to diagnose aortic [...]

Shared Health Decisions

The results of this article are no surprise, and this is a real pet peeve of mine. The article says that many patients who were supposedly participating in “shared health decisions” with their physician either had no input and/or reported it as being a negative experience. That’s no surprise to me. As an ER doc, [...]