Are Computers Eating our Children?

When I first started reading this post by Pittsburgh Web Designer Nathan I thought I knew what the post would be about.  But Nathan goes on to describe children so elegantly and eloquently that when he introduces the idea of computers eating our children, it makes me want to grab the first child I see and remove all batteries from all their toys, run to the nearest windy park, help them  fly a colorful kite and make up imaginative stories of fairies and dragons and goblins!

as anyone who’s ever seen a 12 year old wreck his bike into a barbed wire fence at 25 mph and not feel the need to cry until he realizes no one will wait up for him to hear his story, they are nearly invincible. My point is, that children are not real, they are simply a developing organism which will someday turn into a jumbled twine of conscious thought, buried emotions, and ever-mounting divorce papers

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  1. October 22, 2009 at 3:22 am

    Very interesting read. I have to say I agree wholeheartedly. Though I’m a professional techie with (…counting…) 7 running computers in the house, I can count the toys that my both of my kids have that take batteries on one hand. They both read like crazy and play with their Webkinz pets more in real life (mostly hand-sewing clothes for them) than on the computer. Neither has a cell phone, nor a DS, and, frankly, that’s just fine by me.

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