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Instinct is Learned

Mr. Reynolds is a vivid 83 year old who lived alone at home. He walks everyday int he morning first thing before he has a small cup of coffee. His kids bought him an ipad and he uses it to browse the Washington Post, the Wall Street Journal, and the Pittsburgh Post...

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A Living History – Eleonore of Bavaria

She was silver-haired and weepy-eyed, with bluish gray bags under he lower-eyelids. Her grandson sat staring at his ipad. He looked like an Irish bartender--with a red beard and a toothy smile. He was patient and spent over five-hours at her bedside, with nowhere...

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Learning React

Learning React is hard. On one hand the code looks like HTML.  But it's not straight HTML, it's got other code decorators injected into it. As a result the browswer can't read the files as it can read straight (vanilla) javascript. An intermediate compiler/transpiler...

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