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Two Months of Setbacks and Growth

This past 2 months has been a LONG two months of ups and downs, frustration & doubt and small nearly imperceptible successes on a day by day basis. I'm far far far from where I expected to be at the end of April 2015, but then again many things have happened that I...

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Perspectives on Physical Therapy

I went to physical therapy today for an evaluation after my car accident. While I was there, I noticed a young, healthy, athletic looking woman who came in on crutches, with fresh surgical scars on her knees take...her first steps. "I can walk!" she said. I have no...

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Split Decision

These days I divide my time between clinical and consulting work.   in my consulting job I work as a medical command physician for ambulances, helicopters and airlines needing advice and direction on all sorts of medical emergencies. For the past several months I have...

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